An Evening at Middleton Place, Day 1 of 2

As the sun slowly descended in the sky, a sense of peacefulness filled the air and the only sound I heard was that of the squirrels rustling through the fallen leaves. I walked graciously through the gardens, absorbing every ounce of what I was seeing and feeling. Spanish Moss dangled from the oak trees and young turtles swam together in the swampy waters of the Azalea Pool. I was surrounded by Southern beauty, just as the settlers found it many years ago. The sun glimmered through the branches as I continued down the pathway. It wasn’t long before I saw the historic Middleton House still standing in the distance. The house was originally built over several phases during the 18th and 19th centuries. However, most of it was burned by Union soldiers toward the end of the Civil War. Twenty one years later, an earthquake brought it to the ground. Now, all that remains is the south wing of the house. I continued beyond the house down the curved terraces toward the Butterfly Lakes, two distinct lakes shaped in the form of a butterfly’s open wings. I ventured further down the path which lead me toward the stables. I passed by horses, chickens, and cows; I even fed a friendly peacock who was enjoying the evening along with me. I spent almost 3 hours simply walking around and capturing the place as I saw it, as I felt it. After returning to the car, I was satisfied with everything I had seen and experienced. If you can’t be around mountains, Middleton is definitely the next best thing and my new favorite place.

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