An Evening at Middleton Place, Day 2 of 2

Yesterday I spent the evening at Middleton Place, capturing everything as I saw it. My experience was so amazing that I had to go back for more. Earlier today, I spent the afternoon bicycling along the beaches of Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island. The sky was crystal blue and the warm weather gave a refreshing feeling from the cold weather we’ve had this past winter. Finally, I thought, summer is here. I love being outdoors, especially since most of my day is spent working on the computer. I enjoy hiking, bicycling, kayaking, and most of all, taking pictures. A lot of photographers I know don’t use their cameras for anything other than business. Not me, I can’t put mine down, I absolutely love taking pictures. I look at it this way…with a camera, I’m able to capture what my eye sees, I’m able to capture it so I can remember it. I do this because otherwise how else will I ever remember the beauty that I experienced. Over time our memory fades and the best things are merely vague blurs of what actually happened. We remember that it was beautiful but our mind fills in the blanks for the missing elements from the story. I’m able to capture exactly was I see with my camera and therefore I have an exact representation of what I saw. I enjoy photographing places like Middleton Place because I am able to capture the subtle details such as the dangling Spanish moss or the sun shining in through the trees. And this place was absolutely great for that. As I ventured east on the path, I was in awe the moment I first saw the Inn at Middleton. Tall ivy growing up the sides of the buildings, beautiful modern block style structures. I was absolutely in love with it. I felt like I was able to capture exactly what I saw and the warm comforting feeling the place gave me. One day I’m going to stay there for a night and experience the full effect. Once again I explored the area as the sun went down and spent yet another 3 hours photographing the east side of Middleton. I got lots of great photos but unfortunately I couldn’t post everything on here. Hopefully you enjoy what you do see. But to see everything, you’re going to have to explore Middleton for yourself and see the beauty that surrounds the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States.

Go to Middleton Place for more information and details.

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