Pittsburgh to Niagara

Niagara Falls

It was an amazing weekend. The trip began early on Friday morning as my alarm clock violently woke me at 3am. My flight was leaving at 5:30; therefore I had no choice but to crawl out of bed and drive to the airport. I could have stay asleep for at least another hour because when I got there, turns out no one was working and apparently the check-in counter isn’t open before 4am. I figured since all the airport security problems, I’d better get there early in case something happens. After arriving in Pittsburgh I spent some time exploring the area. I was walking around downtown when I noticed a large crowd of people storming to a barricade blocking the street. It was Paramount Studios filming the new Batman movie, not sure why Paramount was there because I thought it was Warner Bros. Nevertheless, it was intriguing to see them filming a real Hollywood production. I wish I had all the gear they had on set, wow what a lot of gear.

Later that night in Pittsburgh I got to see my favorite band, Hillsong United. It was an amazing concert and well worth flying in for. The next morning, I headed north to Niagara Falls. It was only about a four-hour drive. Not to bad, especially since I’ve wanted to see the falls for quite some time now, it’s good to be back in the lower 48. Note: If you ever go to Niagara Falls, be sure to take your passport and cross the border into Canada, the best view is on their side of the water.

What a great weekend trip. Sadly it has once again come to an end. Well I’ve been sitting in the airport for seven hours now, my flight has already been delayed twice. Looks like we’re boarding soon…hopefully I’ll be home before midnight. At least I was able to write this post while waiting. I’m glad I decided to bring the laptop with me. =)

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Niagara Falls

Quick Update: On the way back to Charleston, we flew through some lightning clouds. It took me a few minutes to realize that my phone was not the correct camera to be using…lol. Pretty neat though, I’ve never seen lightning from the sky before. It was really amazing when the strikes were parallel to my window.

  • Cherie Jackson Chapman

    I agree. Beautirul photohraphy!

  • Chris Bruce

    Did you use that new lense on the architecture? The colors and sharpness are incredible!