Thailand Trip | Day 7-9 – Thai People

Thailand Kids Surrounded by garage

Not much to say here…I’m speechless when I see how these people live. But you wouldn’t believe how happy they are. They don’t know any different other than how they live. When we look at it, we think, oh my gosh how do they live like this, but to them it’s all they know so it’s normal. The most incredible thing is to see how excited they get when I come into ‘their world’ and take their photo. It’s like their world has just lit up. What an amazing feeling it is to know that it has literally made their day, you know they will never forget this moment. Photographing the local Thai people has been the highlight of this trip, especially today when we photographed the family that lives in the recycling/trash center. Yes they live there, it’s their business, just like every other Thai family. But to them it’s no big deal. They are content with what they have and rejoice in it. It’s truly humbling…

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  • Kelly Painter Rowley

    Beautiful Pictures….but most importantly…BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE <3 Thank You so much for sharing <3.

  • Laurie Davenport Lloyd

    Awesome pictures! I can see how it could be humbling. So neat to see all those smiling faces! Good job, Philip!