San Francisco Engagement Photos | Lydia & Jeremy


It began in the Big Apple. Not so long ago, two actors came together in a wild theatre project that took them to the exotic and far flung land of Ecuador. True love couldn’t be stopped when these two artistic folks tried to teach each other Spanish on the plane by reading Pablo Neruda love poems. Mr. Jeremy Feldman was of course the romantic actor toting love poems he could barely read all the way across the globe and Ms. Lydia Perez-Carpenter was of course the actor determined to not let any pretty latin ladies hear those blush-worthy poems.

After a few weeks of traveling, somewhere between the Andes and Galapagos, they proclaimed something along the lines of, “Umm I think I might be, maybe… I don’t know, falling madly passionately in love with you…? How are you feeling about um… this… thing we got goin on?” YES they were in LOVE!

Upon landing on the courageous shores of New York City and approximately 2 months of knowing each other, they boldly agreed that they were “the ones” for life. Lydia looked at him and exclaimed, “you know I’m going to marry you right?” To which he replied “not if I marry you first!” Within a year they trekked across country to the land of milk and honey and amidst the coastal California breezes, decided to get engaged. They’ve been pretty excited about each other ever since and are certain that marrying one’s best friend can only lead to more adventures, revelry and perhaps late night poem readings.

Noise echoed through the streets of San Francisco and people passed as I stared out the window of the Sundance Coffee shop. I was waiting to meet Lydia and Jeremy for the first time. Only by email had we made arrangements to do an engagement shoot. Before leaving Alaska on my epic road trip, I put a couple of posts on Facebook, looking for an awesome couple to photograph on the way down. Instantly, Lydia jumped on the idea and based on the story of their relationship, I knew these two were the perfect choice. Since Lydia and Jeremy are creative and artsy people, they picked out the perfect spot to express themselves. Balmy Alley is an alley way off of 24th Street in the Mission, its the most concentrated collection of murals in the city of San Francisco. Many of the murals date back to 1972. As you can see in the photos, these two are perfect for each other and their personalities are out of this world. Its a great feeling to help out people who really deserve it.

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