Crystal & Kent’s Engagement, Downtown Charleston

Photographed by Philip

  • Sonya Schunior

    These are amazing! U guys look great! Cosmo is ADORABLE!!!! You totally have to send me a pic

  • Donielle Drawbaugh

    Theyre so cute Crystal!!! And your gorgeous as always!! Im so happy for you!

  • Gwen Middleton

    Pictures look Awesoome!

  • Sue Dillon

    is that a dog? lol…

  • Sue Dillon

    oh so beautiful! could you be any happier?

  • Kimberly Novak

    Wow…you guys look great!!! I love them 🙂 and I love that you involved your doggie!!

  • Denise Conley

    Wow beautiful pics! It makes me cry..happy tears you guys are perfect together!! Crystal you look amazing and I am so proud to be your mom!! You guys deserve all the love and happiness you found together..

  • Kimberly Ellen Allison

    Oh my gosh these are gorgeous!!!!

  • AdriAnna Bascochea-Gibbs

    Aww so beautiful!! I love them all!!

  • Christina Marcum Dodson

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Ashley Stabley

    U guys look so in love and adorable !! Ur pics turned out amazing!

  • Kelly Shively

    Your pics are so cute!!