The perfect engagement photos start with the perfect backdrop. And since you are lovely, I’m going to share with you, my favorite locations so you can have beautiful pictures. Follow me northeast from Phoenix to the Apache Trail where I’ll show you an incredible desert landscape and a stunning location for engagement photos at sunset with a majestic view of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. And if you let us take you here, we will create memorable images for you too that are as good, if not better than these!

Our journey begins at the Superstition Mountain Museum where, with a little permission, the owners allowed us to use their property for these engagement photos. From there, I will take you to Canyon Lake, which is just an incredible place. There are many more photos to be made at this spot in Arizona. The final location of your engagement session is a secret place at the top of the Apache Trail overlooking the desert valley below. It is here that I first camped in 2015 during an adventure trip and it is here that I have lots of great memories. I am jubilant to share this place with you in hopes that you build your memories here too.

My goal and my purpose are to capture beautiful memories for you of your relationship, preserving those memories in time forever.  Maybe that involves exploring a unique place like this here. Or perhaps we document you do something that you guys love to do together. Let’s create something unique, something that defines your relationship. 🙂 Get in touch and let’s develop a relationship and come up with an idea that fits you two perfectly.