"Guide the heart to move the mind."

In photography, I long to tell stories and move people emotionally. While this is possible, it doesn't quite move someone enough to take action. However, video has the power to do this; to connect someone to the story so much that they want to do something about it. That's why I'm venturing into the world of filmmaking. Take Frank for example, if I showed you this photo of him standing with the walker. Yes, it looks like he's standing and he's very happy about it but you don't see the struggle he had before. You don't see him "walking" on his hands and feet, unable stand. But watch the video above to see how much different it makes you "feel."

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Philip Casey is a fine art wedding photographer & family portrait photographer living in Charleston, SC. Philip is also available for travel with no travel fees. Contact him for pricing, availability, or questions.


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