Full Galleries of Real Weddings

      Hey, guys!

      I created this page to show you the exact, full wedding galleries that I send to each Bride and Groom that I photograph. Each wedding gallery represents all the actual photos that I sent to that particular couple. Every one of my couples receives a gallery like the ones you see below. This online gallery is where you will interact with the photos I deliver to you after the wedding. This gallery will allow you to download all of the images you see, in high-resolution, allow you to order prints directly from us, and allow you to share the images with your friends and family. One helpful feature of my galleries is that I manually divide all of your photos into separate folders so that the event is organized for easy viewing. Additionally, your photos and the galleries you see below are available online for 1 year after the wedding. After 1 year, you assume responsibility for storing and keeping your images safe. That being said, while the online gallery will be deleted, it is my personal goal to keep your images for as long as I possibly can. If you do lose your images–they get deleted accidentally or your computer or hard drive crashes–I will most likely still have your images on my server. If you do need access to your images again, please let me know.

      My hope in giving you access to the galleries below will allow you to have an excellent sense of my overall work, what you will receive if you hire me, and make you feel good that over and over again I continually provide a great product to all of my couples. Enjoy! And let me know if you have questions! -Philip

      *Note: If the gallery doesn’t work it is because it has expired and I haven’t updated this page. Additionally, when you put in your email address, you will be added to a list of promotional emails regarding that particular gallery. Sorry! I can’t change this as these are the real galleries given to each couple.

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      Sorry! The links below don’t display well on a smartphone, they will work on your computer though.

      [su_box title=”Real Galleries”]Weddings:

      [su_spoiler title=”Caroline & David’s Wedding in Sun Valley, ID”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1521385 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Zach & Briana’s Wedding at Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1408303 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Magill & Kyle’s Wedding at Litchfield Plantation in Pawleys Island, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1408303 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Justin & Tanae’s Wedding in Hilton Head Island, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1489035 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Alexandra & Robert’s Wedding at Moss Creek Plantation in Hilton Head Island, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1523482 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Brittany & Stephen’s Wedding at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1461495 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Ashley & Ben’s Wedding at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1461491 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Kyle & Sara’s Wedding at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1461485 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Jeremy & Stephanie’s Wedding at the Gadsen House, Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1461481 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Kristian & Angelica’s Wedding at the Summerall Chapel & Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1335493 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Pieter & Jen’s Wedding at the Gibbs Museum in Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1455081 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Kevin & Ethan’s Wedding in Columbia, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1453778 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Blake & Julia Anne’s Wedding in Beaufort, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1450230 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Cameron & Cathleen’s Wedding in Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1431823 [/su_spoiler]

      Engagements: [su_spoiler title=”Karen & Neil’s Engagement in Phoenix, AZ”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1503601 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Hannah & Tim’s Engagement in Charleston, SC”] https://philipcaseyphoto.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1540833 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Elizabeth & Micah’s Engagement in Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1506909 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Matt & Alex’s Engagement in Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1491512 [/su_spoiler]
      [su_spoiler title=”Ruben & Christina’s Engagement in Charleston, SC”] https://studio1250.instaproofs.com/gallery/#events/1453185 [/su_spoiler]


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