Jessica & Haynes


Beach weddings are my favorite! Especially ones where the weather works out in your favor. For Jessica and Haynes, it was the perfect day to celebrate their marriage. They didn’t want a huge wedding with two hundred plus people, they wanted a small intimate wedding with only their close friends and family. Nick and I arrived in Sunset Beach, NC late morning just as the mid-day sun was beginning to rise high in the sky. We met briefly with the bride and groom and since we still had a few hours before the wedding, it seemed like the perfect time for a quick swim in the ocean. The water was warm and the waves were incredible. I was thankful we didn’t get stung by any jellyfishes! Soon after we begin shooting.

Jessica and Haynes decided to see each other before the wedding and since they did, we were able to take our time walking around downtown and getting more than enough pictures of the two of them. It really helped to reduce the stress of the wedding day pressure. The wedding began just as the sun was falling beyond the horizon line, the warm tones from the evening sunlight matched perfectly with the mood of the ceremony. After the the vows and of course the kissing, Jessica and Haynes finished out the evening with a relaxing outdoor reception at the beach house. They spent the remaining time sharing stories with old friends from college and talking about the plans for their new life together.

This has been one of my favorites weddings to photograph. Genuinely nice people, amazing location, great food, and perfect weather, does it get better than this? It truly was a wedding to remember!

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